Reasons to Go for a Baltic Tour

If you wish to find answers to the question as to why choose a Baltic tour then you have reasons to find this article interesting and informative. There are obviously quite a bit of fund as far as vacation In Baltics is concerned. When we talk about Baltic states we are actually referring to three states namely, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. All these countries were a part of the erstwhile USSR and have now become free countries and are a part of the European Union and NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). Today all these three countries are becoming tourist attraction and you could have confusion as to which Baltic tour to choose. We will try and unravel the beauty associated with these Baltic countries. It certainly will help you in planning your vacation in Baltics the right way. There are also a few other countries like Sweden, which also form part of the Baltic region.

Visiting Baltic Sea Is A Must

When you choose a vacation in Baltics you must ensure that it covers the fabulous and majestic Baltic Sea. The sea runs across nine countries covering Northern and Central Europe. Hence this is a point to be kept in mind when answering the question which Baltic tour to choose. You could come across some of the most fascinating beaches and it is quite possible that you may have to spend time in chilly waters. However, it will be a vacation in Baltics which will be in your memory for a long period of time. We will try and look at a few beaches which you could try and cover. This will help you to give you an obvious answer to the question why choose a Baltic tour.

Here is a small introduction off Riga:

Jurmala, Latvia

If you are keen on spending time in a lively beach resort, you could choose this. This could be an ideal choice for one of the best vacation in Baltics. The beachfront comes with 14 townships under it and Majori is the central town. You will be able to spend time lazing in the beaches while in the back you have the majestic wooden architecture. This will for sure be able to give you the right answer to the question why choose a Baltic tour.

Lithuania – Curonian Spit

Though it might look like a tiny island sliver, it has quite a rich history and tradition attached to it. Hence if you are a follower of history and are looking for right answer to the question which Baltic tour to choose then Curonian Spit should be a part of it. It is famous for quite a few things and the most exciting is the sand dunes which rise to 170 feet and above. You also must visit the city Klaipeda which is the oldest city in Lithuania. Hence you can be sure that the answer to the question why choose a Baltic tour would be quite well answered here.


The above are just a few examples which could give some insight into the question which Baltic tour to choose. If you spend some time on the internet you will get quite a few more options which will help you to answer why choose a Baltic tour. You will be quite clear in your mind even when your family members ask the question which Baltic tour to choose.